Cinnamon Leaf  肉桂精油

Cinnamon Leaf 肉桂精油


Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil
This familiar warm aroma is a great mind and body revitaliser, helping to alleviate exhaustion, depression and weakness. A powerful antiseptic used for respiratory ailments, resisting viral infections, colds and flu. Assists in blood circulation and purification. Soothes arthritis, diarrhea, menstrual cramps, heavy menstruation, yeast infections and digestive problems. Use with caution; can cause irritation and allergic reactions.



這種熟悉的溫暖香氣可以使身心恢復活力,緩解疲憊,沮喪和虛弱。 用於呼吸道疾病方面的強大殺菌劑,可抵抗病毒感染,感冒和流感。 協助血液循環和淨化。 緩解關節炎,腹瀉,月經來潮,月經經血過多,及經期的不舒服。能對抗病菌感染和消化問題。

謹慎使用; 會引起刺激和過敏反應。





  • Size 規格


  • Country Of Origin 產品產地

    Sri Lanka

  • Botanical 產品拉丁文

    Cinnamomum zeylanicum

  • Active ingredients

    Eugenol from leaf 86% 

    Cinnamaldehyde from bark

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