Fennel Essential oil 茴香精油

Fennel Essential oil 茴香精油





This licorice-type fragrance supports the nerves and gives courage during times of adversity. Rids the body of toxins. A wonderful tonic for the stomach, assists with digestion and is helpful for weight loss and to control nausea. Has a cleansing action on the skin and may postpone the appearance of wrinkles.


茴香香氣可以幫助我們神經的抗壓,並在逆境中給予勇氣。 消除體內毒素。 健胃的補品,有助於消化,有助於減肥和控制噁心的不適感。 對皮膚有著良好的清潔作用,並延緩皺紋的出現。



  • Size 規格


  • Country Of Origin 產品產地


  • Botanical 產品拉丁文

    Foeniculum vulgare

  • Active ingredients

    Ethers 55%-85% 

    Monoterpenols 15%-30%

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