Considered a “holy” oil, this ritual oil is often used during religious ceremonies. Anoint the chakra points in meditation to help open up the psychic centres. Very effective at clearing up mucous and regulating its secretion. Supportive during labour and in cases of post-natal depression. Soothing and helps slow heavy menstruation. Use to balance and treat oily hair and skin.


乳香在古時代常用在儀式用油被認為是“聖”油,通常在宗教儀式中使用。 在冥想中塗上脈輪穴位,以幫助打開心理中心。 在清除粘液和調節其分泌方面非常有效。 分娩期間和產後抑鬱症患者有相當大的幫助。 舒緩並有助於減緩月經。 用於平衡和治療油性頭髮和皮膚。


  • 10 ML

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